Kotlin if Expression

In this tutorial you will learn about kotlin if, else and nested if else expression.

The if expression is definitely one of those constructs which lets us simplify our task of determining conditions during a program flow. Or rather, for performing any decisions in the program we look up to the if statement first, before considering any other because of our sheer familiarity with the statement and efficiency of the same. The latter part however, by and large depends on our problem statement. The if statement hence, is an integral part of any programming language. Continue reading Kotlin if Expression

Kotlin vs Java – Difference between Kotlin and Java

This tutorial is about Kotlin vs Java i.e. difference between Kotlin and Java.

Kotlin and Java both are JVM based and platform independent languages and there are various similarities in them. Kotlin and Java program on compilation converted into .class file which is executed by JVM. Still there are various dissimilarities between them that I have discussed below in tabular form. Continue reading Kotlin vs Java – Difference between Kotlin and Java