Kotlin Basic Types

Here you will learn about kotlin basic types.

Data types are fundamental when it comes to any programming language, basically it tells the compiler the type of data it should expect in the defined variable. It can be a string, bool, integer, float, double, char and many more. Lets discuss them one by one in detail.

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Kotlin Variables

In this tutorial you will learn about Kotlin variables.

In programming world, variable is responsible for storing some value. The value is stored at some memory location. A memory location or address may look something like 0x7ff9c05f. It is not easier to remember or use it to access the value stored at the memory address.

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Kotlin vs Java – Difference between Kotlin and Java

This tutorial is about Kotlin vs Java i.e. difference between Kotlin and Java.

Kotlin and Java both are JVM based and platform independent languages and there are various similarities in them. Kotlin and Java program on compilation converted into .class file which is executed by JVM. Still there are various dissimilarities between them that I have discussed below in tabular form.

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Kotlin Hello World Program

In this tutorial we will make Kotlin hello world program.

When we start learning any new programming language, hello world is the very first program that we mostly make. So below I have shared the program along with its explanation.

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How to Run Kotlin Program in Eclipse IDE

In this tutorial you will learn how to run Kotlin program in Eclipse IDE.

Below is the step by step procedure to install Kotlin plugin and then configure Eclipse to run Kotlin program. The process is same and should work on all Eclipse versions.

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