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5 Best Kotlin Blogs 2024

Kotlin is a programming language made by Jetbrains that mainly runs on the Java Virtual Machine or JVM. Google in 2017 declared that Kotlin will become an official programming language that can be used on various Android platforms. It means that Kotlin can become the best programming language very soon. But, there are many people …

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9 Best Kotlin Books in 2024

Master Android application development course with Kotlin, it is the modern programming language, which allows app developers to be productive and concise. Professionals can build apps for the mobile platform by using Kotlin and Android Studio. Before delving more into this subject, it is important to know everything about Kotlin. Kotlin is the statically typed …

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How to Convert Kotlin Code to Java Code?

Kotlin is a language that is well known for the interoperability with the java language. Kotlin is good for Mobile-cross platform, Native, Data-Science, Server-side, Web-development, Android. Interoperability is possible in both the languages because of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) or in other words we can say that they are compiled to the same bytecode.