Kotlin Int to String

Having converted Kotlin Int to String, we will now explore the cases when we wish to convert an Int to a String. It usually happens when we wish to append an integer into a String. The conversion from Kotlin Int to String can happen automatically when passes inside a print statement like below:

Kotlin String to Int

In modern languages, where the entire a lot of data is fetched to and from the applications. Every I/O is majorly worked in Strings. But the problems with String is their usability. I cant find the sum of two Strings until and unless you wish to view a concatenated value.

Kotlin String

String form a very important part in terms of input and output. All the input and output processing (including file I/O, Stream I/O) for kotlin as similar to Java is done in the form of Strings. Now let’s recall the Java’s main function. public static void main(String [] args){ //Here, if you refer args or …

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