5 Best Kotlin Blogs 2024

Kotlin is a programming language made by Jetbrains that mainly runs on the Java Virtual Machine or JVM. Google in 2017 declared that Kotlin will become an official programming language that can be used on various Android platforms. It means that Kotlin can become the best programming language very soon. But, there are many people who want to brush up on their Kotlin skills and are looking for the right resources where they can improve their Kotlin knowledge.

Nothing to worry about, we have round up the list of top Kotlin blogs that you can check out and improve your Kotlin knowledge. The best part is you will find some interesting tutorials and web-based learning that will help you learn Kotlin in detail.

Kotlin has always been a modern language that can address the real needs of developers. It’s increasingly adopted in several trending fields, like web, mobile, cloud development and server-side, education and data science. This gives a strong indication that there’s significant demand for the Kotlin developers and it will continue in the near future.

Why Should You Consider Learning Kotlin Online?

It may be the first question that comes to your mind especially when you are thinking of learning Kotlin. There are several reasons that reinforce the idea of learning as well as moving ahead in the career with Kotlin.

Demand for Kotlin among programmers and developers are increasing every day. Kotlin is known for making and developing cross-platform applications quickly. There are many benefits like these that make Kotlin the top programming languages that you must learn today.

Before we go ahead and discuss the best resources to learn Kotlin, it’s very important to know that, like any other programming language, Kotlin has a few shortcomings, like inconsistent compilation speed & limited learning resources than other programming languages. But, being very honest, its pros easily outweigh the cons.

5 Best Kotlin Blogs

1. Kotlin Official Blog

Kotlin Official Blog is developed by JetBrains team of programmers. Kotlin is a modern and statically typed official programming language, which mainly runs on Java virtual machine (JVM) and compiled to the JavaScript source code and uses LLVM compiler infrastructure. Most of the development of this blog is done by a team of programmers located in St Petersburg, Russia.

On this blog, you can find various documentations with primary features and concepts of Kotlin. It has got tutorial sections with a complete explanation on how you can set up the working environment as well as work with a compiler. No matter whether just want to check Kotlin or aspire to become a Kotlin developer, you will find this blog quite useful!

2. Kotlin Academy Blog

Kotlin Academy Blog is created by Marcin Moskala, he is also the author of a book titled ‘Android Development with Kotlin’. He’s a professional Android developer who is quite passionate about this programming language as the early beta release. This blog comes to simplify learning in Kotlin. On this blog, you can find some new articles published regularly on the blog! 

There is a private comment function below every article that will help you comment on any article or if you want to learn any specific function. The blog regularly updates its blogs by publishing new articles daily for its polish audience. Besides reading and learning Kotlin, you can buy some great Kotlin books on this blog.

But, if you don’t have any programming experience, it can take around two weeks or more for you to understand this language. But, for somebody who already has programming language experience will grasp the new concepts fast, this will be the best starting point for you. Besides, suppose you are looking to explore more about Kotlin before you take complete courses, this blog can provide you with an overview of this open-source modern programming language.

3. Talking Kotlin

More than a blog, Talking Kotlin is the podcast on Kotlin, which is a statically typed official programming language for JVM, Android & browser, and 100% interoperable. Their bi-monthly podcast covers detailed knowledge about Kotlin programming language and related technologies, so make sure you check the blog regularly to find more updates.

Suppose you like learning by reading than video lessons, then it is one well-structured Kotlin blog that can help you to learn the basics and advanced concepts of Kotlin. This programing language offers different advanced features like lambda expressions, operator overloading, and string templates. The blog provides the complete tutorial with real code examples, however, you will need to practice on your own to understand what you learn on this blog.

4. Medium – Leading Kotlin Platform

If you are ready to check out lengthy write-ups and articles without getting bored, you may go with Medium which is a leading publishing platform. Even though you prefer reading text for learning Kotlin, you must check out how the author has rightly managed to divide their whole tutorial into many parts instead of discussing everything in one single post. 

You can read various stories of Kotlin on Medium. You can discover unique and smart perspectives on Kotlin language and topics that really matter to you like Android App Development, Kotlin, iOS, AndroidDev, Mobile, find articles on the modern tools or resources that will help you to build experiences that the people love, easier and faster, Discover smart, unique perspectives on Android and the topics that matter most to you like 

This blog can help you to make the first android app with Kotlin. You can learn to make various layouts, activities & fragment lifecycle, app navigation, app architecture (data layer and UI), and RecycleView.

5. Kotlin Tutorial Blog

Kotlin is a popular programming language for both Java and Android developers. No matter whether you prefer to learn Kotlin to build the next Android application, or just need the introduction to the language, Kotlin Tutorial Blog has the top-rated Kotlin course that will help you to achieve your goals. 

On this blog, you will find a collection of free Kotlin tutorials, which can help beginners to learn everything about Kotlin programming. They shared the extensive list of the Kotlin resources by posting important links, frameworks, libraries, projects and videos. The list is pretty well organized.

Final Words

Undoubtedly Kotlin is a popular programming language made with an aim to meet various demands of developers today. But, it is the best way to make it clear why you must learn this modern programming language & if it will help you to achieve various milestones you plan for.

There’re many different reasons for you to learn the Kotlin programming language, and we have discussed some popular blogs in this post that will help you increase your knowledge further. Also, we have highlighted prerequisites to learn Kotlin with the best IDEs that can come in very handy to write the Kotlin code or manage the project efficiently. Keep reading!

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