Will Kotlin Replace Python for Data Science?

With the trends rising forever and with Kotlin Replacing Scala to be the Second Most Used Language on JVM. There’s a lot of scope which this language have on us and for years to come. With Data Science and Machine Learning being Buzz word in the industry the next obvious question will be?

Will Kotlin Replace Python for Data Science?

Will Kotlin Replace Python for Data Science?

Kotlin – The UnderDog

Kotlin is a powerful JVM language developed by Jetbrains itself. Now, for all those who are unaware, Kotlin actually has become the second most used language on JVM, after Java (though the share difference is huge). Like other languages like Scala written in JVM , Kotlin is pretty much Java and runs on JVM.

The Kotlin Community

Kotlin has a really really active community. With its recent advancement by Google to officially start supporting Kotlin on Android and with many active community members it has been able to overtake Scala as the second most used language on JVM.

Data Science – The Engineering Angle

Data Science is about engineering. Data Science holds the power to bring out Raw Data to stats. People Argue that Data Science is the future of programming but data science is an engineering stream of kind. The use of Data Science is more relevant to the industry professionals as of today which forms a very niche of the Software Industry. The debate R vs Python Vs now Kotlin is out and global. Though the former ones are quite old and have been there for decades. Python is known to be the future of R. From an honest angle, Kotlin is too young to be given a tag of “The Data Science Choice”.

The Verdict

First off, Kotlin is very young compared to Python. Python is “the language” of the decade. Python draws its power from libraries like: matplotlib , Numpy , Pandas etc. These librarie are well equipped with the ability to handle complex Mathematics and numbers at scale. But Kotlin as a whole possesses vast servers which power eronomous servers.

Considering the above factors, it’s too young for Kotlin to be the “Data Science” language. But if any JVM powered language is to be adopted for Data Science then its definitely “Kotlin”.

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